Yoshida: Sony to Focus on Bringing More Content to the Vita

by playstationiso on August 15, 2012

Shuhei Yoshida, the Sony president of worldwide studios, spoke with GamesIndustry at Gamescom about the PlayStation Vita. While he is generally not front in center of Sony’s PlayStation business, he has always been good about answering questions during interviews.

Yoshida was first asked about Sony’s Gamescom conference. “We were very happy to announce five new titles from Worldwide Studios, as well as the new Ratchet & Clank game – so that’s six new titles. PS Vita, PS3, Move, PSN, they all got new titles, so we were able to cover all of the initiatives that we have.”

Yoshida was honest when it came to the sales of the PlayStation Vita. “In terms of the sales, we’d definitely like to see more. There are millions of people we’re sure will enjoy playing PS Vita games. Our job now is to decipher what’s preventing these people from making the jump. Our priority right now is definitely to bring more content.”

“The good thing is that the one thing we can’t change is the hardware features, but they are very well regarded by people,” Yoshida continued. “But in terms of new content and new system and service features, we can add that, and we can work with third-parties to get more. We’re getting a very good feeling when we talk with third-parties companies, and of course we’re developing our own titles. And for the people who are hoping that the PS Vita becomes more affordable, we are creating new bundles and adding new value to the package. We’re hoping that this Christmas more people will jump over to the Vita.”

Yoshida was asked whether or not consumers are interested in the way the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita can work together. An example given is how the Vita can be used as a controller for LittleBigPlanet 2. “Well, we’re doing this because we believe we can provide something very interesting and exciting to consumers, and we’ll have to see how they react. But judging from the reaction we got from the LBP2 controller demonstration, as well as the Cross Play features, it’s been pretty positive.”

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