Ubisoft: Wii U Needs a Price Cut

by playstationiso on March 7, 2013

Ubisoft’s executive director for EMEA territories Alain Corre spoke with Edge Online about the price of the Wii U. He says that originally Ubisoft expected the Wii U to sell better and that its higher price point when compared to the Wii at launch is the big reason for the lower sales.

“We always want the hardware to be at a low price because we want as many fans as possible to afford to buy our games, so that’s for sure,” said Corre. “We think that Wii U will find its public at some point. Some were expecting sales to be quicker but we are optimistic.”

“I think Nintendo has said that the Wii U sales in general were below expectations originally and the software tie-in ratio is also stable, so I think that when less machines sell, less games sell,” he continued.

Ubisoft had recently announced that Rayman Legends is no longer a Wii U exclusive and has delayed the game to be released at the same time as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

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