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by playstationiso on January 14, 2013

Welcome to the ‘Top 10’ weekly feature. Each week we will be taking a look at the top 10 selling games in a particular genre, platform, most recent month, even sprinkling in the top 10 selling games from a past year. All sales specified will be worldwide, unless stated otherwise. If there is a particular top 10 you want to see leave a comment and it may be featured in a future top 10.

Over the next two months we will be taking a look at the sales in 2012, now that 2013 has started. For the first of these featured articles we will be looking at the new kid on the block, the Wii U. This is the first eighth generation home console to be released. Rumors have the announcement of the next PlayStation and Xbox to be around GDC in March.

Top 10 Selling Wii U Launch Games

Looking at the top 10 bestselling Wii U games in 2012, nine of the 10 games were released in November 2012 as a North American launch title. Monster Hunter Tri is the only game to only be released in Japan. It will launch in North America on March 31 of this year.

The top 10 bestselling Wii U games sold a combined 3.91 million games. Compared to the last couple of Top 10s this is tiny, but for a launch that is typical. The top 10 PlayStation 3 launch games sold 3.78 million units in 2006 and the top 10 Xbox 360 games 3.13 million units in 2005. However the Wii nearly doubled that with the top 10 launch games selling 6.82 million units back in 2006.

Two of the games are first party, published by Nintendo, and eight games are third party. The third party publishers include three Ubisoft titles, two Warner Bros., one Capcom titles, one Activision title, and one Sega title.

The two Nintendo published games sold a combined 2.72 million units or 69.6 percent of the total games sold in the top 10. The two Ubisoft titles sold a combined 0.45 million units or 11.5 percent of the total games sold in the top 10. The two Warner bros. titles sold a combined 0.21 million units or 5.4 percent of the total games sold in the top 10.

Top 10 Selling Wii U Launch Games

Taking a look at the top 10 bestselling Wii U launch games in 2012, it is extremely easy to see how two titles accounted for the majority of the sales. Nintendo Land is bundled with the Deluxe Set, while New Super Mario Bros. U is the sequel to one of the bestselling games of all time.

Here are the rest of the Wii U sales outside the top 10: Nintendo sold 2.25 million Wii U’s in 2012. To compare Nintendo sold 2.95 million Wii’s in 2005, Microsoft sold 1.18 million Xbox 360’s in 2005 and Sony sold 1.25 million PlayStation 3’s in 2006.

There were 4.53 million games sold for the Wii U in 2012, which is good for two games sold for every console. Not surprising Nintendo sold the majority of the software with 2.78 million games sold. This is good for 61.3 percent of all the games sold for the console in 2012. Ubisoft sold the second most software with 0.63 million games. Activision sold 0.29 million games and Warner Bros. 0.24 million games.

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