Sony: Vita Sales Behind Expectations

by playstationiso on February 20, 2013

Sony confirmed earlier this week that they are cutting the price of the PlayStation Vita in Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Hiroshi Kawano admitted to Famitsu (translated by Polygon) that sales for the PlayStation Vita have not met expectations and the company has had to lower its forecast three separate times.

“The biggest reason [for the price drop] is that we simply want to have more people playing the PS Vita,” said Hiroshi Kawano. “Based on our research, there are two broad reasons why people who may want to try the Vita aren’t purchasing it. One, they want to wait until there’s a game they want to play on it. Two, the price is a little out of reach for them.”

“What we also learned in this research is that people who do own a Vita have tremendous satisfaction with it,” he continued, “it’s the kind of platform where you get a feel for how good it is once you touch it. But we found that the price was too big an initial hurdle for this, and this sparked a long internal debate within SCE.”

When asked about the performance of the PlayStation Vita in its first year he admitted that “at the present time, maybe we’re a little behind the numbers we originally pictured. I feel we have a ways to go in terms of getting across the good traits of the PS Vita, along with everything the software has to offer.”

“Also, I want to keep pushing for more games that people want to play, since like our research showed, that’s one thing blocking customers curious about the Vita from making a purchase,” he continued. “There are about 100 titles released [in Japan] in a year’s time, and I want to get across that we’ve got a lot of really good games.”

“Like with our other platforms, we’re developing the Vita system with the idea that it’ll have a lifecycle of ten years and change, so I think we need to do everything we can to flesh out the service going forward,” he added.

Kawano expects sales to be up in 2013 when compared to 2012. They have the price cut and have a much bigger range of games coming out throughout the entire year. Sony is ready to push the titles coming out in 2013.

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