Sony: PSP Overrun with Ports, Vita Won’t Have Same Problems

by playstationiso on September 11, 2012

Sony’s original promise when it released the PSP was that it would bring console like experiences on the go. This strategy Sony hoped would help it outsell its rival the DS. This however did not happen.

John Koller, Sony’s marketing VP for handhelds and consoles, admits to Gamasutra that the strategy for the PlayStation Vita is similar. However he argues that there were major problems with how developers approached the idea on the PSP. “The issue that happened with PSP is we got overrun with ports,” Koller told Gamasutra. “It became very difficult for us to define what made PSP unique. The content development became a bit unstructured or decentralized, in that we got a lot of content that was on PlayStation 2 and got thrown over to the handheld.”

Koller says portable content “isn’t something consumers play because they’ve left the living room. It’s something that [needs to be] unique, and defines the Vita experience.” Sony is trying to guide publishers away from direct ports of console games. Sony is telling publishers to “Follow what Ubisoft is doing with Assassin’s Creed. Follow what Activision is doing with Call of Duty.”

Koller believes that “The messaging is similar [between PSP and PS Vita], but I think the output is going to be quite different.”

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