Sony: PlayStation 3 Shipments Pass 70 Million

by playstationiso on November 17, 2012

PlayStation 3 shipments are currently one month behind the Xbox 360. Sony has announced that on November 4, 70 million units of the PlayStation 3 has been shipped to retailers. To compare the Xbox 360 passed 70 million consoles shipped to retailers at the end of September.

The PlayStation 3 has reached this milestone almost six years to the day since it released in November 2006. The average number of units shipped per year is 11.67 million. As a note the console did release four months later in Europe, March, 2006. As a comparison, the PlayStation 2 shipped over 100 million units six years after it launched.

Sony also announced that as of November 11, 15 million PlayStation Move controllers have shipped. Also more than 400 games now support the use of the Move controller.

The PlayStation Network is now available in 59 countries and members have access to 170,000 downloadable digital content. There are now 3,590 titles for the PlayStation 3 which has sold more than 595 million games.

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