Sony: Launch Date in Japan for PS4 Not Decided Yet

by playstationiso on June 13, 2013

Sony has shifted its focus this coming generation. The PlayStation 3 launched in the US and Japan in November 2006, while it didn’t launch in Europe until March. Sony at their E3 Press Conference announce the PlayStation 4 will be hitting the US and Europe this holiday.

Sony has not yet announced they will be releasing the PlayStation 4 in Japan and other markets outside the US and Europe. It was just last month that Sony told CVG that Europe will be given a much higher priority since they felt that Microsoft will be giving a strong push in the territory.

“This E3 we confirmed that in the US and Europe we will be launching this holiday with the $399 (£349) price point,” Yoshida told CVG in an interview. “But it’s not like we are not launching in other territories – we are waiting to get more information about manufacturing quantities and demand in each market so that we are able to decide where and when outside of the US and Europe.”

“Europe is a hugely important market and we do hear on Twitter that lots of people who are unhappy and say, ‘why do US consumers get this on PS Plus and not in Europe?’ And things like that all the time. So it’s all relative, right? They see the other territories all the time. Now it’s even easier to see what’s available in other territories because of the internet.”

Microsoft has not been able to make any inroads with the Xbox 360 in Japan, which is why Sony feels safe in the territory. In Japan, Sony has been able to sell 9.3 million PlayStation 3 consoles, according to VGChartz latest sales figures. While Microsoft has only been able to 1.6 million Xbox 360 consoles. In Europe the sales gap is much closer. Sony has been able to sell 31.0 million PlayStation 3 consoles, while Microsoft has only been able to 24.2 million Xbox 360 consoles

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