Kaz Hirai: Vita Sales on Low End of Expectations

by playstationiso on January 9, 2013

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai spoke at a conference with the media after the Sony Consumer Electronics Show presentation. Hirai was asked several questions mainly focusing about Sony’s TV division, but he was also asked about the PlayStation Vita.

The Wall Street Journal asked about how well the PlayStation Vita is selling. Hirai answered that sales are at the low end of what was expected, but that it takes five to 10 years before it can be considered a success or failure.

“I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” said Mr. Hirai. “Long term is what is important.”

PlayStation Vita sales have fallen far below its main rival, the 3DS, but it doesn’t have to outsell it to be considered a success. According to the latest VGChartz figures the PlayStation Vita has just passed four million units sold. There have also been just over 10 million games sold for the handheld.

It took the PlayStation 3 a couple of years to get its footing, so it may take the PlayStation Vita that long to gain a foothold. The PlayStation 3 after its rough start has since become a success selling more than 70 million units to date and still growing.

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