GAME & Gamestation Stop Selling Old Xbox 360 Models

by playstationiso on September 5, 2011

GAME and Gamestation have stopped selling early Xbox 360 models, including the Core, Arcade and 20GB non-HDMI versions, according to Eurogamer.

Although trade-ins are still accepted, Gamestation have indicated that the new policy is due to the ‘high rate of failure’ of the early machines i.e.the red ring of death, whilst GAME say that there is just no market for the older machines.

Ethically, this is a good move by the group. Most owners of early 360 models have had to deal with the effects of those dreaded red rings at some point (this perenially exasperated author has gone through five 360s), so, when newer models without such problems have been on the market for a fair time it is un-fair to still be charging around

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