Ex-Codemasters Execs to Run Sega Hardlight Studio

by playstationiso on September 28, 2012

The former creative director of Codemasters’ Southam studio, Sin lenton, will be the studio manager Sega’s new Hardlight studio, according to Develop. Lenton has joined studio founder and director Chris Southall. Southall previously worked as the CTO for Codemasters and Sega Europe.

Sega Hardlight is based in Solihull, England. The new studio will be focusing on the development mobile titles for smartphones such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The studios PlayStation Vita title has been put on hold while the studio figures “out the best way to bring it to market,” according to Lenton. The studio has also provided support for a number of Sega titles including Sonic Unleashed, Bayonetta and Empire: Total War.

“We have no plans to limit ourselves to one genre, our ethos is more exploration of ideas and finding mechanics that we feel will stimulate and excite our users,” said Lenton. “We have a huge box of toys to play with and we’ve only just begun to play with them, we are starting fairly small, leveraging Sega IP and as former console developers, learning about making games in the digital space. As you see our roadmap develop, you’ll see some more surprising & delighting uses of Sega IP, as well as original IP.”

Sega Hardlight currently has 21 full time employees. Some of them are from the Sega Rally team and Sega’s R&D division. The studio will also be hiring employees under contract to develop games with short development cycles of four to eight months.

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