Analyst: 11M Next Generation Consoles Sold by 2014

by playstationiso on April 18, 2013

Jesse Divnich, an analyst for EEDAR, has made a bold prediction that next generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox, will sell more than 11 million units combined by 2014. He expects sales for the two consoles to pass 50 million by the end of 2017.

“EEDAR is forecasting over 11 million consumers to transition to the next-generation by the end of 2014 (PS4 and Xbox),” Divnich told GamesIndustry International. “That’s 11 million consumers who are willing to spend money to consume interactive entertainment. Those are 11 million of the elusive ‘Whales’ we continually hunt in the mobile market.”

“By the end of 2017, this will balloon to over 50 million consumers, all willing to spend money to consume quality content,” Divnich continued. “It’s a market that independent developers shouldn’t ignore and one that the console manufacturers must foster to gain independent support.”

The PlayStation 4 has a release date of Holiday 2013, however what regions it will be available this year are not yet known. While Microsoft has not announced its next Xbox, details are expected to be released in May.

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