3DS Total Sales have Passed the PlayStation 3 in Japan

by playstationiso on December 13, 2012

While the PlayStation 3 may have just passed 70 million in sales worldwide, it was also passed by the 3DS in Japan. The 3DS has now sold 8.80 million units in Japan, while the PlayStation 3 has sold 8.75 million units, according to VGChartz latest figures.

The 3DS sold 213,000 units for the week ending December 9, while the PlayStation 3 sold 37,269 units. However software sales for the two platforms are nearly identical for the week. 553,615 games were sold for the PlayStation 3, while 521,068 games were sold for the 3DS.

This comes as no surprised because handhelds for the last couple of generations has been more popular than home consoles. The Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have sold a combined 23.02 million units in Japan, while the DS by itself has sold 33.00 million units. Also the PSP has sold 19.35 million units.

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